new year, new etsy shop!

happy new year!
this year i launched my amazing etsy shop!!! Its grand opening was today, 01.02!

Click on the items below to check it out and to shop some really amazing items! There will be more to come, so stay tuned! xoxo


Gemma's Shark Attack!

This year I decided that hand crafted gifts were more personal and beautiful. Below is a gift that I made for my besties baby girl Gemma. I was hunting for a gift that was practical and cute, but not too frilly. That gift was impossible to find! Have you ever noticed that every girl item for a baby has more ruffles on it than a burlesque outfit? So, not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided she needed a shark sweat pant suit! It was perfect: practical, warm, and big (18-24 months) so she could grow into it. This project took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It started with an idea and ended with a beautiful gift.
below are my steps and some fun pictures:

1. hand draw shark with bow. scan, clean up in photoshop, print on t-shirt paper
2. cut, iron onto sweat pants
3. sweatpants were too dark for direct iron on. Re-print, cut, and add to sparkle material (mine were leggings I bought in the girls section of target)
4. cut from material
5. place, pin, hand sew every detail
6. voila!!!

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///zombie crush: bart

inspired by the following art equation: zombies+famous people+comic books. Bart is my all time favorite dude. Aye carumba! so far my fave piece in the series see below for the david bowie zombie crush. xoxox


///zombie crush: bowie

Im currently working on a zombie inspired series I am calling "zombie crush". This is my first piece, if you couldn't tell it was inspired by the following art equation: zombies+famous people+comic books. With halloween being over, I decided it was time to jump in and finally give birth to these beauties. First up, Zombie bowie!  Next up may just be your favorite celeb as a zombie!


Feeling a bit inspired the other night, I created "cats in space".  This is my cat in space playing with dinosaurs! 
check her out:


last night was the best birthday night out! A few close friends and I went to the wicked spoon buffet in the cosmopolitan hotel, the barcelona show (http://www.facebook.com/Barcelona) pool side, had drinks at bond and finished the night at the goretorium lounge and haunted maze! Below are some snapshots of my birthday night out and my fun outfit, makeup & nails.  
Ulgh! I had a bad hair night & think my bangs looked like a 60 year old mans comb over.

Favorite ring collection from vera meat
(my backgrond is marc john's awesome book "h is for holy crap".
this was a gift from my bff lacie a few years ago!
sally hansen nail decals.
photo via colby of electric fringe
Im in love with this local celebrity lavender tshirt 
with the sweet vintage cat print found at urbanoutfitters.com 
& my amazing steve madden aztec print cowboy booties 
(my new obsession). 
Cat eye make up with white eye liner on bottom lid.
love my bug earring!

photo via colby of electric fringe


living on the iphone!!


oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam

hi! i am sorry for sucking at keeping up on the ol blogger-roo. i have been keeping busy with a brand new job, learning new things and meeting new friends!

Alas!!! I AM BACK..... AS A BUFFALO. 

This reminds me.... have you ever seen the flick buffalo 66'? I want to jump through the screen, scoop up vincent gallo and keep him for life.

but, i digress.... i really love this shirt because of the asymmetrical hem (cheap monday $89). A new styling secret of mine has been to wear bike shorts (h&m $10)  under sheer spring dresses (or long shirt dresses), with the added bonus of not flashing the world my skivvies when the pervy wind gets gusty. They seem to replace my grandma moses "slip" (footnote: grandma moses is an endearing nickname I acquired from a dear friend who thinks slips are only for women who live in the stone age).

ALSO! I got this minkpink boyfriend cheetah cardi ($86, shopnastygal.com) and my spectator Bass loafers ($27!!!!) and have not been able to take them off. My co-workers are getting so sick of seeing both (mainly the cardi), asking me daily when Im going back to new york to collect my clothes, to finally change outfits.

p.s. i just love the lighting of these photo (sunset lighting casts such a lovely glow on the ol dirty d!).


blouse: cheap monday, biker shorts: h&m, necklace: betsey johnson, cardi: mink pink, spectators: bass.

(ooo. i need to do my roots, i look like kurt cobain).



okay, i have no clue what this shirt says, but i love it (air my ear pass tu?)! my theory is its a drunken tiger trying to sing an awesome hole or smashing pumpkins song... no more vodka big cat. anywho, it's  not only a fave because it has a giant mama spoinky cat on it (see post below), but because the color is like a burst of watermelon, plus the crop top looks amazing with high waisted cuts!

p.s. dont peep at my toe nails, they are really long, sorta how i imagine rumplestilskin's toes looking when his manicure is insanley overdue. EW. i even gross myself out. sorry friends.

p.s.s. im still awk at the whole the fashion blog attempting to model thing... weirdo!

h&m shirt $12, cooperative wedge heels-uo $50, stripe knit pencil skirt (insanely comfortable and forgiving of that "food baby" after a few slices of pizza or a grande nacho from t.bell)- uo, chanel bag.

by the way.... word to your mom... at least my mom. she takes all my blog pictures and really does a fantastic job. 


crazy cat lady.

yup. it's true. i am totally obsessed with my spoinky cat (thats her name, see her full into from my blog intro here). I was inspired to dress like her because she is so chic. So I did some black and white! This photo shoot was all cramped into the tub (tres chic, no?) because my kitten is too fragile to go outside (and her mom is a helicopter parent).
p.s. grinding my teeth because spoinkz is so cute.


skirt: lazerade jigsaw- uo $54. shirt: 6x6- uo $19.99. heels: mod pumps-h&m $80