Gemma's Shark Attack!

This year I decided that hand crafted gifts were more personal and beautiful. Below is a gift that I made for my besties baby girl Gemma. I was hunting for a gift that was practical and cute, but not too frilly. That gift was impossible to find! Have you ever noticed that every girl item for a baby has more ruffles on it than a burlesque outfit? So, not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided she needed a shark sweat pant suit! It was perfect: practical, warm, and big (18-24 months) so she could grow into it. This project took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It started with an idea and ended with a beautiful gift.
below are my steps and some fun pictures:

1. hand draw shark with bow. scan, clean up in photoshop, print on t-shirt paper
2. cut, iron onto sweat pants
3. sweatpants were too dark for direct iron on. Re-print, cut, and add to sparkle material (mine were leggings I bought in the girls section of target)
4. cut from material
5. place, pin, hand sew every detail
6. voila!!!

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